Malin Neuman

My artistic practice is at its core rooted in narratives and the way we understand them. I often use my personal experience as the starting point for a work. By inserting myself and my body into different situations, I seek a direct experience of what I’m investigating. In dealing with narratives it’s also important to look closely at the contexts in which they are created. To be in charge of a story is to be in a place of power. By creating alternative storylines I take this power into my own hands.


In my practice I work experimentally with materials and ideas. I work in a wide range of media depending on theproject at hand. What my works have in common is an affinity for

language. Language has since my early years been the tool with which I make sense of myself and the world. In myart it shows up in a multitude of ways: as performative poems, words embroidered on pieces of cloth and the writtenconcept behind a piece.`

Picture 1 & 2: Photography by Iiri Poteri

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