Eliska Kovacikova

Kovacikova's artistic practice encompasses printmaking, drawing, sculpture and installation. Content-wise, she attempts to articulate an analytical expression and intends to search the definition of the notions of ‘one’ and ‘several’ in philosophical and psychological contexts. Formally, the artworks focus on spatial analysis, the differences between ‘space in the image’ and ‘image as space’. Kovacikova also investigates how powerful is the image, how does it affect/interrupt its observer and how influential is the representational machinery.

Both formally and conceptually, the fragment plays a crucial role in her practice. Being different in scale and displayed in various positions, it aims to manifest the contrast of the order/disorder dichotomy. The composition, as a fragmental scale that contains myriads of elements, reflects the hierarchy system(s), as a mirror of humankind and its presence/absence in the world.

Website: www.eliskakovacikova.com