Steph Orozco

Steph Orozco is an Attire Designer with an Atelier based in Monterrey Mexico.

Steph has had through her life three key influences -Monterrey- a city that influenced the character of her cloth-making where she learned to develop a nonpareil way of dressing mixing roots of childhood like horse riding. Her -father-, a go-kart driver and mechanic from who she learned the refurbish concept, the daily use of denim as an armor while he was working and her -mother- from who she adopted the love of second-hand shopping, the mend and sew.

Steph was raised amid constant visits to flea markets and goodwill stores where she discovered a unique world around clothes, finding and collecting unique pieces where time had had a special meaning. Unknowingly she began to generate a taste for pieces with a unique design, particular finishes, and materials with a very marked style, touched by time, by use and by the stories that could be behind.

In 2010, obsessed with shapes and textiles started what Steph calls a -dialogue- within clothes and fabrics when she decided to switch from studying Industrial Design to Garment Design beginning to alter clothes and experiment with the aim to create new silhouettes and dominate the sewing techniques to explore the body and how could be wrapped with fabrics to create an intimate conversation to break the monotony of wearing regular clothes.

Turning this conversation into a quest, after Steph finished as a finalist in the 3rd season of Project Runway Latin America (2013) she decides to find and understand the meaning of identity. The aim, the search for authenticity, imagining unusual ways to wear or to sew a piece, mingling textile findings and knock-off design resulting in asymmetries, irregularities, and hand-interventions that started to define her work.

She has worked with a number of artists and creatives, created costumes for theatrical productions, and carried out countless bespoke commissions for private clients and also practiced in the academic field as a design professor, conferencist and as a mentor to the local design community.

Steph Orozco is instilled with the unmistakable spirit of art and technique: finding the right balance between materiality and audacious shape-making where one of a kind materials, unique techniques, and accurate tailoring fuse together. She approaches fashion design obliquely, working with photography, fine arts, philosophy, writing, and painting to create unique pieces that are both practical and sculptural.  

Each garment takes inspiration from traditional workwear and utilitarian clothes transforming the idea of a day to day uniform into a mark of individuality. In the end, her vision can be summed up in one single phrase: seeking uniqueness in every aspect involved.