Hanna Stansvik

Hanna Stansvik (b. 1987) is a painter. She mostly paints people and almost always uses herself as a model. She is exploring notions of privacy, relaxation, comfortability, safety, ordinary life, and the gaze in her work. By using herself as a model, Hanna is able to stage a scene that feels entirely private. This way, and by always having the subject looking back at the viewer, she can force the feeling that it is the onlooker, not the person in the painting, who is being watched and caught spying or sneaking. Hanna wants to understand safe and private spaces, and the things that happen when people are alone, relaxed and wearing sagging underpants.  Hanna is also aiming to fabricate a feeling of not giving a shit about the onlooker’s gaze.

Website: http://hannoia.se

Contact: hanna@hannoia.se